Scroll down to see the list of projects from the 2016-2017 school year


Click here if you would like learn about the racial relations survey that sophomores Julia Galebach and Megan MacGilvary created.


Click here if you would like to learn about the article that sophomores Julia Galebach and Megan MacGilvary wrote in the Community Conservation Education Partnership (CCEP) newsletter.


Click here if you would like to learn about how two Medford High Students help senior citizens use electronic devices

Menstruation Product Accessibility

Click here if you would like to learn about how two Medford High sophomores worked to ensure an easier accessibility of menstruation products for in the womens' lavatories.

Brooks Elementary School Inspiraiton Quote

Click here to see how CCSR members painted inspirational pictures on the walls of the Brooks Elementary School.

Humans of Medford

Click here to see a photography project based off of the Humans of New York project, featuring stories that emphasize the unique diversity and character of Medford.

LGBTQ Support Pamphlet

See how Domenic Avola created pamphlets (in different languages) to provide information and resources to help LGBTQ+ come to terms with their identity.

Medford High School Map

Click here to see the Medford High School Map project, aimed to help visitors and new students navigate around the school.

Medford Multicultural Potluck

See the planning of a multicultural potluck to close out the school-wide diversity week event.

Andrews Middle School Mural

See the mural that CCSR members Jenny Lu and Antonia Collins painted in the Andrews Middle School.

As Seen through Medford

As Seen through Medford is project meant to explore the topics of stereotyping in the city of Medford.

Black Female Empowerment

Click here to learn about the series of Workshops meant to empower young black women and talk about issues facing the black female community.

Gender Neutrality Initiative

Click here to see the initiative meant to create an early childhood education with lesson plans on creating classrooms that empowers students of all genders.

DECA Finalists

Two Medford Tech DECA student members qualified for the national competition in California

Medford High School News

This project is a professional looking student-run school newspaper that details events happening locally.

Brooks Elementary Theater

Click here to view the project meant to bring the joys of theater to the Brooks Elementary School.

English Language Learners Initiative

This project is meant to help foreign students work their way around the school. It has videos containing instructions in different languages on how to do certain school-related tasks.

Selfie Project

This project allows students to post selfies of themselves in the main lobby of Medford High School. Other students are able to post sticky notes next to people's selfies, complimenting them on their beauty.

Restorative Justice

Click here to see the project meant to introduce a new method of solving student conflicts that revolves on repairing the harm caused instead of on a punishment.

CCSR Project Booklet

Click here to see a recap of all the CCSR projects of the 2016-2017 condensened into a single packet.